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And If We Say Goodbye

Dafni's posthumous EP, And If We Say Goodbye, featuring four new songs, a rerecording of a track from her first album Red, and a cover of a Willie Nelson song popularized by Patsy Cline.


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"Few, if any, singer/songwriters have pursued a doctorate in organic chemistry, and Dafni's music is equally individualistic. Jazz inflections combined with roots simplicity make for 11 quirky and unique tunes. Dafni's vocals also have a charming lack of artiface that complements her songs' home-grown flavor."
Steven Stone, Vintage Guitar Magazine

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And If We Say Goodbye
Sweet Time
Charlie's Lonely Sunday
Drifting in Circles


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Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

New Dafni EP

Hello, Dafni friends and fans! Pete, Dafni's husband, here. This site hasn't had an update in a while, but I am here to spread some news.
There is a new Dafni EP! It's a six-song recording that Dafni had completed a couple of months prior to suffering her fatal sudden cardiac arrest. It's a beautiful set of songs and I think it's a wonderful finale to her recording career. The title, And If We Say Goodbye, comes from her song "Many Reasons Why." For me, it hints poetically at Dafni's passing, while the song itself is an uplifting and hopeful one about death and separation. I think that's appropriate.
The record features five of Dafni's original songs and a cover of Willie Nelson's "Crazy," most famously recorded by Patsy Cline. One of Dafni's originals is a rerecording of "Never Make Me Cry," which had featured originally on her album Red. The other four songs are newly written and among Dafni's finest. Dafni was particularly proud of "Gloomy Day." She felt that was the best song she had ever written. It's hard to disagree -- but, personally, my favorite recording here is "Just One Look."
Dafni recorded this EP at producer Jeb Lipson's studio, Big Scary Tree, in Sunland, California, on the northern outskirts of Los Angeles. Those of you with a keen eye will recognize that Jeb also produced Dafni's album Drifting In Circles about a dozen years ago. He's done a wonderful job here. Dafni is accompanied by her long-term rhythm section of Geoff Rakness on upright and electric basses and Mark San Filippo on drums; more recent band regular Debra Tala on keyboards, accordion, and backing vocals; Dafni's six-string hero Tony Gilkyson on electric and acoustic lead guitars; and a cameo from Rick Shea -- another local legend -- on pedal steel. The EP was mastered -- as Dafni had wished -- by her friend Preston Edmondson of Presto Mastering in Los Angeles.
To promote the new EP, I asked a few friends to make videos of a couple of Dafni's songs. I gave them carte blanche to come up with whatever they wanted. Click the links to watch Amilia K Spicer and Edward E Romero's take on "Many Reasons Why" and Marina Tait and Stephen Kurowski's video of "Gloomy Day." They are both lovely. And the four of them are lovely people, too.
Finally, I'd like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to a series of short documentary films that I have been making to promote each of the songs on the Dafni tribute album, Silhouette, which Alfonso Rodenas and I produced a couple of years ago. My output has been slow, but there are three episodes available at present. The first one, documenting The Modern Skiffle Quartet's recording of "Are You Ready For Fun?" appears on the old Dafni YouTube channel, while the rest of the series will appear on a channel dedicated to the album. Follow these links to watch Rich McCulley recording "Under The Blue Skies" and Edward Romero (he of the new video with Amilia) recording "This One Dance."

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